TECHNICAL SPECIALIST for beef cattle.  Major feed additive company.  Will prove technical support for sales force in NE, CO, WY, SD.  Salary to $90,000.  Requires M.S. or higher and 2+ years i beef cattle nutrition.  #8-972

SWINE NUTRITIONIST for large feed manufacturer.  Will provide technical support to sales staff, assist in new product development, etc.  Midwest location.  Salary to $130,000.  Requires Ph.D. in swine or monogastric nutrition and 2+ years in related industry experience.  Must have good communication skills.  #8-915

DAIRY TECHNICAL SALES MANAGER for feed ingredient manufacturer.  Will provide tech support to the dairy feed sales team in CA and Southwest plus work with nutritionists and large dairies.  Salary to $150,000.  CA location.  Requires B.S. or higher and 5+ years in dairy nutrition sales.  #10-042

DAIRY NUTRITIONIST for feed manufacturer.  Will handle technical services for dairy customers and assist sales staff.  Western states location.  Salary to $150,000.  Requires M.S. or above and 5+ years in dairy nutrition.  Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills.  #1-580