AGRI-associates conducts searches after determining the objectives of the client-company and the requirements for the position to be filled. We then develop and execute a recruiting strategy designed to identify and recruit the best suited and most qualified candidates.

We conduct searches on either a retained (contract) search basis or a contingency search basis, whichever the client-company prefers. Retained searches are usually conducted for senior/upper level management positions and some positions in middle management. The fee is agreed upon prior to commencing the search, with one-third of the fee paid at the beginning of the search and the balance paid upon completion. Any direct recruiting expenses involved are also reimbursed by the client-company up to an amount previously agreed upon by the client-company. In a retained search every effort is made to identify all potentially qualified candidates and determine their interest in being considered for the position, then assisting in the recruitment of all interested candidates.

Contingency fee searches are conducted for all level of positions, particularly middle management and below. The fee is based on the starting salary of the candidate when hired.


AGRI-associates saves client-companies time and effort in locating, evaluating, and screening prospective candidates. We refer only those candidates whose qualifications, personal attributes and interests match the job specifications and requirements.

By taking the time to understand the client-company's objectives and direction, we can better relate the positive aspects of a position to a prospective candidate at the proper time. We can also provide ongoing recruiting efforts for client-companies when we understand the long range personnel requirements and keep clients informed about well-qualified candidates that develop.

AGRI-associates assists client-companies during all phases of the consideration and negotiation process. We provide useful "third party" assistance to help consummate the employment agreement.