We recruit for all types and levels of salaried positions including the following:

 Complex Managers  Sales Managers/Sales Reps  Plant Managers
 Controllers/Accountants  Plant Supervisors/Superintendents  Human Resource Managers
 Maintenance Mgr./Supervisors  Commodity Merchandisers/Brokers Live Operations Managers
 Feed Mill Managers/Supervisors Meat/Poultry Traders & Brokers  Project/Division Engineers
 Q.A. Managers/Supervisors  Distribution/Warehouse Managers  Technical Service/Nutritionists
Safety Managers

All positions, unless otherwise stated, require U.S. citizenship or permanent residency.

Current Job Openings:

Poultry, Meat & Food Processing   Accounting, Distribution, Logistics
Commodities, Merchandising & Trading Technical Service and R&D
Sales, Sales Management, Marketing  Engineering and Maintenance 

Feed and Grain Industries


Send mail to mtd_agri@bellsouth.net with questions or comments.

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