Sales, Sales Management, Marketing

DIRECTOR OF SALES OPERATIONS will oversee training of new sales reps, manage support staff for key accounts, liaison between transportation, operations and sales to work through customer issues, lead planning and execution of sales meetings, etc.  Great Lakes location.  Excellent compensation package and benefits.  Requires degree and 5+ years of related sales/marketing experience in feed, feed additives or feed ingredients to include 1 or more years in management or 7+ years without degree.  #6-456

ACCOUNT MANAGER for a major wholesale supplier of nitrogen fertilizers. Will call on and sell to wholesales distributors and blenders east of the Mississippi. Can live anywhere in territory. Salary to $100,000 plus bonus. Requires 3+ years in crop nutrient sales and computer literacy.  #4-121

DAIRY CONSULTANT for a major feed manufacturer.  Will work to expand dairy feed business working with nutritionists, vets, etc.  Colorado location.  Excellent salary and benefits.  Requires degree and 3+ years in dairy feed sales.  #8-129

POULTRY FEED SALES REP.  Will sell organic and conventional feed to poultry growers in New England.  Prefers location in NY or VT.  Excellent base salary plus commission.  Requires 2+ years in sales to poultry growers in New England.  #8-122

REGIONAL SALES MANAGER will sell poultry house equipment through distributor network in GA, SC, NC, east TN and possibly AL.  Salary to mid $80’s plus bonus and expenses and vehicle.  Requires 2+ years in poultry equipment sales or 5+ years in poultry live production with strong interest in sales and willingness to travel.  #6-453

TERRITORY SALES MANAGER.  Will develop and manage sales of feed ingredients to feed mills and large dairy producers in TX, AZ, NM, CO and KS.  Excellent compensation package.  Requires degree and 3+ years in sales of feed ingredients or additives with emphasis in the dairy segment.  #8-117

ACCOUNT MANAGER for a feed ingredients company.  Will sell dairy feed ingredients in the Northeast region.  Salary to $130,000 + bonus.  Requires degree and 2+ years i feed ingredient sales with dairy emphasis.  #8-103

DAIRY FEED SALES REP for a large regional feed company.  Mid-Atlantic location.  Salary to mid $70’s.  Requires 2 or more years in sales of feed or health products to dairy farms.  #8-097

ORGANIC COMMODITIES SALES REP.  Will sell organic soybean meal to feed manufacturers east of the Mississippi.  Location open in the territory.  Salary to mid $60’s plus bonus.  Requires 1 or more years in feed ingredient sales or in commodities merchandising.  #8-083

SALES REP for large regional feed and commodities firm.  Will sell feed ingredients to large dairy operations.  West Coast location.  Salary to low $100’s.  Requires degree and 3+ years in ag sales with emphasis on dairy farms.  #1-779

DAIRY FEED SALES REP.  Will sell directly to farms in WI, IL, MN and IA.  Can live anywhere in territory.  Base salary plus incentives.  Requires 2+ years in dairy or beef nutrition sales.  #8-072

FEED INGREDIENT SALES REP.  Will call on feed mills and nutritionists to sell and support sales of ingredients to increase milk production in dairy cows.  Midwest/Great Lakes territory.  Salary to $120,000 + bonus and expenses.  Requires degree and 3+ years in feed ingredient sales with dairy emphasis.  #8-062

DAIRY FEED SALES REP working with dairy farms and nutritionists.  Can live anywhere in OH, IN or MI.  Very competitive compensation package.  Requires 2 or more years in dairy nutrition sales.  #8-060

DAIRY ACCOUNT MANAGER for a value-added feed ingredient manufacturer.  Will develop sales and manage customer base calling on nutritionists, feed manufacturers and large dairy farms.  Will cover West Coast and upper Midwest, living in territory.  Salary to $140,000+.  Requires degree and 3+ years in sales of nutritional products for the dairy segment.  #8-041

DAIRY SPECIALIST for major manufacturer of livestock and poultry nutritional products.  MN location.  Will call on dairy farms.  Salary to mid $90’s plus bonus.  Requires degree and 2+ years in sales of nutritional products to dairy operations or 5+ years without degree.  #8-019

CAPITAL SPECIALIST will sell capital equipment and systems to the meat and poultry industry.  Can live anywhere in the Midwest or Southeast.  Base salary to low $100’s plus commission on all sales uncapped and paid monthly.  Requires 3 or more years in sales of capital equipment to the meat and/or poultry industries.  Must have excellent communication skills.  #6-367

REGIONAL SALES REP for poultry and animal health product manufacturer.  Will sell product line for dairy, swine and poultry in the upper Midwest.  Salary to $70,000.  Requires 2 or more years in nutrition or health product sales to livestock or poultry segments.  #8-005

FEED SALES REP for large regional feed manufacturer.  Will sell direct to large producers.  Can live in TX, OK or AR.  Salary to $70,000 + bonus depending on experience.  Requires 1 or more years in feed sales in TX, OK or AR.  #9-934